Did You Know Parker McCollum And Koe Wetzel Starred In Granger Smith’s “You’re In It” Music Video Back In 2018?

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Parker McCollum and Koe Wetzel are both major label artists now, selling thousands of tickets and touring all over the country.

Both of them started out as young musicians traversing their way through the Texas music scene and grinding it out, and they’ve been close friends quite a while now, but did you know that they’re also music video co-stars?

It’s true: They both appeared in Granger Smith’s video for his song “You’re In It” back in 2018, which oddly enough, many people don’t know about.

It starts out with Granger and his real-life wife, Amber, talking about their future and how they saw their lives together shaping up.

He admits that his family farm was won by his Grandpa in a game of poker years prior, and it cuts to Granger waiting in a car outside the local bank as two men dressed in all-black with face coverings run up with guns and jump in the car.

Enter the dynamic duo Parker and Koe.

They’re on a mission to help him steal money from the local bank, and after they complete the mission and run back to the car expecting Granger to hit the gas so they can escape, it turns out that he changed his mind and apparently decided to abort the mission as there’s a mannequin in the driver’s seat.

He did Parker and Koe dirty, and they’re literally caught red handed in the act because of it.

Granger runs back to Amber and decides he wants a more quiet, steady life, as he can’t imagine it without her in it (hence the song title).

Since she obviously disapproves of his outlaw lifestyle, he has no other choice but to give that up if he wants to be with her.

Parker and Koe have some real acting chops, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them do another music video together sometime soon…

Check it out:

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