Deer Hits Metal Fence So Hard That It Goes Right Through It

Deer fence

There’s no way that felt good.

The poor thing probably felt trapped but there has to be a better solution. I mean, it did work but the gate was also wide open…

Whitetail deer are one of the most common and recognizable animals in North America. They are medium-sized mammals, with bucks weighing between 130-300 pounds and standing up to 3.5 feet tall at the shoulder. Does are slightly smaller, weighing between 90-180 pounds and standing up to 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

While whitetails are typically associated with rural environments, they are increasingly being found in urban areas. Expansion is causing more to be introduced to town settings but they move in to these areas as well for increased protection and easy access to food through people’s gardens.

Fencing is an effective way to keep deer out of gardens and other areas where they are not wanted, but these deer often find a way in and then panic if they feel trapped.

These deer are seen running in a full-on sprint, clearly spooked by something. The first deer just ignores the open gate and slams into the fence without missing a stride. The second deer then smashes into the arse end of the other and the fence.

The first deer made it half way through and kicks a bit to get all the way. The second deer gets itself up and does what they should have done from the start and go through the gate.

Wild… I mean, the amount of force to bend those bars and squeeze through?

That deer was trucking…


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A beer bottle on a dock