Hunter Stunned When Deer Approaches Him For A Head Scratch


Well this video doesn’t go like you would expect it to…

The video itself is even captioned:

“I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

As it starts, a hunter has his gun pointed towards two deer as they emerge from the woods. If you’ve seen a hunting video before, you assume at this point that you know how this one will end for at least one of the deer.

That’s when the hunter takes the sights off the animal and lowers his gun. About that time, the deer comes prancing over towards the hunter like it’s a Disney movie.

Fearing that the deer might attack, the hunter brings his gun up again and points it right at the approaching animal. The deer is literally staring down the barrel, yet remains unfazed. The hunter once again lowers his firearm and begins to take in the close encounter, seeing that the deer doesn’t seem to be a threat, and the deer seems to be thinking the same about him.

The man begins to scratch the top of the deer’s head and laughs, hardly able to believe that the whole thing is even happening. The deer stays put and accepts the man’s pets until the video ends.

The Twitter account posts in the caption of the video:

“It’s fairly rare in the wild, but occasionally deer can approach if they believe you’ll provide safety from other lurking dangers, or possibly provide them with a food source.

What a beautiful animal!”

The viral video had many people wondering why the deer could have approached the hunter. For the deer to come and stare down the barrel of the man’s gun, things must have been pretty bad back there in the forest.

Tweets came pouring in beneath the video with people guessing what exactly drew the deer to feel safe around the hunter armed with a gun:

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