Hikers Scream As Loud As They Can Only For A Grizzly Bear To Ignore Them & Keep Coming Closer

Hikers bear


This is when you hope you can run faster than your closest friend.

Grizzly bears are one of the largest and most iconic species of bear in North America.

They are massive animals, with adult males weighing up to 600 pounds and standing over 7 feet tall at the shoulder. Grizzly bears have a distinctive hump on their back that is made up of muscle mass and helps to support their massive frame.

Grizzly bears are also known for their powerful jaws and incredible bite force. They have a bite force of over 1,200 pounds per square inch, which is strong enough to crush the skull of a moose or elk. This bite helps them to easily catch and kill their prey, which typically includes fish, small mammals and sometimes larger animals such as elk or bison.

While they generally are not aggressive towards humans, they can become aggressive and charge if they feel threatened or if their cubs are in danger. They can also bluff charge just to get you to move away.

This grizzly is seen looking at a whole group of hikers as if they were a herd of elk.

The hikers are all screaming as loud as they can, making themselves look large. The bear eyes them up and decides that the noise doesn’t bother him. As the video ends the bear starts moving in towards everyone.

That is a wild one.

You never know what these bears will do even if you do all of the right things… hopefully someone has a can of bear spray if things go south, but this big fella almost seems content to mosey on by.

Tourists Come Face To Face With Absolute UNIT Of A Brown Bear In Alaska

You couldn’t pay me enough to money to get this close to a live brown bear in the wild.

I have no idea how everyone in this video is staying so calm, and even more miraculously, not completely shitting their pants. I would have been shaking and screaming, just dying to run away… and yet, they all just stood there like the situation unfolding was totally casual.

Most even whipped out their phones…

Are you hoping to capture your last moments on film?

There’s not much context provided for where or how the situation unfolded, but it appears to be Alaska.

According to the caption, the man calmly talking to the big bear was the group’s sea plane captain and tour guide so he’s probably got a lot of experience dealing with brown bears, You can even hear the guide ask the group if they have their cameras out at one point, but this was still a little too close for comfort.

When the big brown turns back around though…

The video was first posted to TikTok by MrsB111, who also appears to have visited the legendary Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park on the same trip to watch some bears to do some fishing.

Given the area the lady seems to be visiting, it makes sense that the bear was so calm around people.

It likely resides in an area with high tourist traffic and it’s got its mind set on fish this time of year.

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