Home Run Dugout: The Baseball Version Of Topgolf Is Opening Its Second Location In Texas


America is getting pretty creative with making more places to go and drink alcohol.

The success of “Topgolf,” the high-tech driving range and entertainment center, is opening up opportunities for other sports to join in on the fun. While the first idea revolved around the game of golf (and even putt-putt with “Popstroke”), the sport of baseball is interested in getting on the action.

The baseball version that is just getting started is called “Home Run Dugout,” and they are opening up their second entertainment venue in Katy, Texas later this month.

The “Topgolf” spinoff features virtual baseball hitting bays, an open baseball field, a full service restaurant, and two bars.

Entertainment providers are getting pretty creative, saying:

“Let’s take a sport and day drinking and put them together.”

All of these recent business ventures are changing the meaning of sports bar. However, where is the line drawn for a restaurant and bar wrapped around a sport? Would one of these work if it was based around tennis? Or even chess?

The new “Home Run Dugout” looks like a great time, and so far these exciting hangout spots of have been the most successful with the most boring sports.

People like playing golf and drinking, but the whole thing takes too long. “Topgolf” recognized that and nailed it with their interactive driving range.

People don’t mind watching baseball and throwing a couple of adult beverages back, but that also takes too long. Plus, unless you have a reliable group that can get together to play baseball or softball every now and then, you don’t really get the chance to participate in America’s past time. “Home Run Dugout” said “we’ve got you covered.”

Like I said to start the article, does it not seem like we, as a society, are just trying to open up more acceptable places to drink? If you just go to your bar every night, people will say you having a “drinking problem.” If you go to “Home Run Dugout” every single evening, people might say “wow, they must be getting ready for the big leagues.”

And I don’t know if you have ever been to a “Topgolf,” but the idea is a little scary if you really think about it. I don’t know if “Home Run Dugout” plans to build their facilities to have multiple stories, but most Topgolfs are three-story, open air buildings.

So basically people are given endless pitchers of alcohol, allowed to wield metal clubs around large crowds, and are feet away from falling three stories, yet it is one of the most successful sports entertainment companies on the planet.

There is a net in front of each hitting bay in case anyone falls, but you see my point? I’m surprised they don’t have each and every person submit a copy of their last will and testament before they can swing away at “Topgolf.”

Maybe I am alone in my concerns because “Topgolf” seems to be doing just fine, and now all of these other sports, like “Home Run Dugout,” are creating their own versions.

There is even a basketball themed one that looks to be opening in the near future called “Jumpshot.”

So if you need to make some extra cash on the side, think of a sport that doesn’t have a bar and restaurant around it already and go for it!

I’m thinking “The Water Polo Watering Hole,” where you drink margaritas and tread water for hours on end.

Let me know if you are interested in investing…

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A beer bottle on a dock