Josh Williams Thanks NASCAR For Suspension After Parking His Car On The Finish Line: “I Stand Behind What I Did”

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This is about as “Ricky Bobby” NASCAR will ever get in real life.

The always entertaining Xfinity Series racer Josh Williams, driver of the 92 car, got himself in a little bit of a pickle during a race this past weekend. With his car still shedding debris following repairs, NASCAR ordered for Williams to park his car in the garage for “extending the caution,” and based on how Williams responded, I don’t think he liked that order.

Instead of finding a parking spot for his car in the garage, the mullet-rocking Williams decided to park the No. 92 car right on the finish line.

He then exited his vehicle and walked back to pit road, happily waving at fans, deuces in the air:

Of course, it doesn’t take a NASCAR expert to know that you cannot do that. I’m sure Williams knew he couldn’t do that as well.

NASCAR certainly wasn’t happy about the whole thing, assessing a suspension to the driver as a behavioral penalty. The punishment will keep Williams from racing in this upcoming Saturday’s Circuit of the Americas.

Fast forward to today, where Williams posted this statement regarding the incident on social media:

I won’t type out the entire statement, but the first line really sets the tone:

“After the release of NASCAR’s statement today about the penalty from Atlanta, I want to take the time to say THANK YOU!”

Williams decided to thank NASCAR for penalizing him? You know, how one does when something bad happens to them.

I thanked someone last week for spilling their beer on my shoes, so I understand where Williams is coming from here. Really confuses the opposing party.

Williams went on to say in the statement:

“I stand behind what I did and I don’t regret any decision I made. I stand behind NASCAR for these decisions and will continue and always continue to support them.”

So is Williams taking the high road? Or is this a sarcastic statement? To be honest, it is a little hard to tell.

One thing I do know is that his response to the whole incident once he got back to pit road was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Once he got back to his car’s pit area, members of his team were surely saying “Josh, what are you doing?” or “You can’t just leave your car there.”

Josh took note of all of that and came back with a line that I will have to remember when my landlord comes asking for rent:

“What’s he gonna do? Fine me? I can’t afford to pay it.”

Absolutely legendary response from Williams. A room full of comedy writers could not crank out a line for that situation funnier than that.

The whole thing seemed like it was straight out of “Talladega Nights 2,” and the only thing missing was Williams stripping down and begging for help from Tom Cruise.

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