Hunter’s Last Second, Point-Blank Shot Brings Down Charging Moose

Moose attack

Nature can be beautiful, but even more often it can be absolutely terrifying.

This is one of the craziest hunting videos I have ever seen? A hunter in Sweden was moose hunting when he had to have had his life flash before his eyes.

The video starts off checking off all the classic hunting video boxes:

Hunter wearing camouflage with an orange hat? Check.

Hunting rifle? You bet.

The thing the hunter is hunting revealing itself? Certainly.

The massive moose emerges in a lower field, and the hunter waits for the window in the trees to open up so he can have a nice, exciting hunt from afar. The hunter takes the shot.

That is when all hell breaks loose. Either A) the hunter missed or B) the moose just ate the bullet like the Terminator. The moose welcomes the hunter to his living nightmare and begins to charge up the hill towards him.

I’m gonna go with Option B…

The hunter quickly pulls back the bolt to load in another round and takes another shot at the angered beast.

This time the shot hits for sure, but you wouldn’t know by the moose’s reaction, as it only speeds up and continues to chase down its hunter.

Insert the commentary of:

“It was at this moment that he knew, he f***ed up”

There’s only mere seconds now for the hunter to load a round in once more, and with the moose now only a few feet away from him, he hip-fires at the moose.

The moose collapses at the hunter’s feet. The hunter turns around clutching his own heart and gasping for breath in the cold air. There was a look of “I just soiled myself” in his eyes, but he managed to bring down the moose.

I know he didn’t have time to think of a comedic line since just seconds before he acted quickly to save his own life, but it would’ve been an all time moment if he turned to the camera and said:

“Just like I drew it up.”

The hunter miraculously makes it through the encounter unscathed, and he bagged a hell of a set of antlers. The breathtaking encounter only lasted for about 45 seconds, but I’m sure if you asked the hunter, it felt like an eternity.

Or it felt like it went by incredibly faster? I actually haven’t ever been in a situation where I have to take a desperation shot at a charging wild animal to save my life, so I won’t say how the hunter was feeling actually.

You have to give props to the moose though. He worked through that tree line and shrubbery like he was an All-Pro defensive back trying to get to the quarterback for his record breaking 100th career sack. The moose put the art of zig-zagging to work, almost to the point where this article could’ve been called “Moose Says ‘Not Today’ and Makes Hunter Second Guess His Existence.”

The unbelievable video can be seen below, and it is a touch on the violent side, so viewer discretion is advised:

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