Watch American Idol Contestant Iam Tongi Cover “Tennessee Whiskey”

Iam Tongi

Do y’all remember the kid that made all the judges cry a few weeks ago on American Idol?

Well, in case you did, his name is Iam Tongi, and he has the most viral clip from auditions this season.

After sharing the heartbreaking story of losing his father, he sang a phenomenal version of “Monsters” by James Blunt. From the emotional performance, it was no surprise that he received unanimous yeses from the judges to send him to Hollywood.

I was casually scrolling through my YouTube suggested the other day, and a video from his personal channel popped up on my feed.

A cover of the infamous Chris Stapleton song “Tennessee Whiskey.” Naturally, I was drawn to watching it.

“Tennessee Whiskey” is not an easy song to cover well, but Iam lays down one hell of a cover.

He sits on a couch and accompanies himself on guitar during the tune. He has a friend that helps him with the harmonies, and it’s beautiful.

He sings effortlessly, nailing all the note changes, truly showing off his talent.

I hope this kid makes it far this season.

His story resonates with the heart, and he has the talent.

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