Bald Eagle Swoops In And Steals Meat From Man Trying To Feed Another Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Alaska

Nature can be pretty damn cool, however as the caption says, maybe we would all be better off if we didn’t offer food to wild animals.

The video is one of those “it doesn’t play out like you think it will” videos.

A man on a boat begins to approach a beautiful bald eagle that is perched on the side of the ship. The person has their hand extended out with some sort of raw meat in hand, and is attempting to slowly walk towards the gorgeous bird in order to hand feed it. The other hand holds the phone, which captures this shocking run in with nature in high definition.

Nature is always full of surprises, and all I will say before you watch it is that a bald eagle does indeed take the raw meat right out of the person’s hand.

WOOP! (most effective if you read it in ESPN’s Chris Berman voice).

Another eagle comes out of nowhere and swoops in to take the meat. Like I warned you, just as the eagle in frame begins to move you think one of two things:

1) the person on the boat got too close and spooked the large bird away

2) the Eagle is repositioning in order to get closer to the meat extended towards it

Then option number three happens, where the camera only catches the bright yellow talon of another eagle flying in to steal the show (and the food).

The foggy landscape in the background might be in Dutch Harbor, Alaska? I am choosing to trust someone that commented underneath the tweet, but you know the old saying about how you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.

I’m hoping it is so I can fit in this: Bald eagle? America.

Also, props to the person in the video feeding the eagles who managed to not scream like a baby when it happened. It sounds like the friends of the person were laughing at the whole thing in the background, which is easy for them to do since they didn’t just have a close encounter with a wild bird.

The guy who was holding the raw meat is lucky to walk away seemingly unharmed. When the talons come in to snatch the food away, those things looks hella sharp. Maybe the glove he was wearing is somewhat protective, but regardless, it is a situation where someone played a stupid game yet didn’t necessarily get a stupid prize.

They walked away with this incredible video instead, showing that sometimes being ignorant can make you famous. If you look around hard enough, I think that unfortunately happens a lot…

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