Luke Grimes Honors His Home State With New Release, “Oh Ohio”

Luke Grimes country music

We all know Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, the loyal son of John Dutton, on Yellowstone.

However, the guy has been making a ton of noise outside of his acting career lately, making the move to pursue a career in country music.

Late last year, Grimes announced that he was going to start writing songs for an upcoming country record, and shortly thereafter, inked a deal with Universal Music Group Nashville.

Back in December, he dropped his first ever single, “No Horse To Ride,” which has seen a ton of success for a debut single by wracking up over 15 million global streams.

And today, he’s back on the saddle again, as he dropped his latest single, “Oh Ohio.”

In this one, Grimes reminisces on his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and the feelings that overwhelmed him when it was time to pursue his career in acting.

He weighed in on the new single that he wrote alongside Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall:

“I left Ohio over twenty years ago to chase a dream. It was a big moment for me when I realize that Ohio wasn’t my home anymore; I’m sure many people who have moved away can relate. It felt like home for a very long time but over the years I could feel the drift.

‘Oh, Ohio’ is less of a song about leaving home and more about losing it. It’s a breakup song but with a place. Knowing your time together is over but you are a part of each other forever.”

Grimes’ producer, the legendary Dave Cobb, also shared:

“I think Luke sings from the heart and is filled with conviction and honesty. He’s living and breathing what he sings, and it’s been a blessing getting to be part of his journey.”

Ever since Grimes announced he was going to play country music, he’s always pointed towards the likes of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Colter Wall, Jason Isbell, and more, and with the incredible imagery portrayed in “Oh Ohio,” those influences ring out throughout the song.

Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for Grimes’ debut album. He hit the studio in February, and it could drop any day now.

But in the meantime, give “Oh Ohio” a listen:

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