Kamala Harris Delivers Awkward Postgame Speech To Howard After They Got Crushed By Kansas, & Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

Kamala Harris


I’ve never been one to get political, but I can’t help but laugh whenever someone in politics makes a fool of themselves…

And boy, Vice President Kamala Harris has had a moment.

The Howard Bison squared off against the Kansas Jayhawks in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament yesterday.

It was a tough matchup, considering Howard was a 16 seed and Kansas was a one seed, and the Jayhawks ultimately walked away with a 96-68 victory to advance to the next round.

After the game, Vice President Harris (who is a Howard graduate) walked into the locker room, and did her best to give an inspirational “chin up” speech to the Bison men’s basketball team.

But she missed the mark pretty bad with this one.

You just got your asses handed to you (which everyone expected), and then she walks in and starts talking like my Kindergarten teacher trying to walk me through my ABC’s when I was five-years-old.

It went like this:

“You guys are so good. You played hard, you played till the very last second. You made all us Bison so, so proud. You showed the world who Bison are.

You know I was at Howard back in the day where we were just happy that there was a game, much less getting to this place, right?

And I see Bison literally all over the world, and we’ve been talking about you, this team. You make us so proud. So I know you may not be feeling great right now, okay?

But know who you are. You are excellence.”

Yeah, I’m sure a room full of 18 to 23 year olds who nearly lost by 30 points felt really inspired by that one…

You just have to hear it too, it’s even worse:

And as Twitter does, they brought the jokes:

But hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as Joe Biden’s bracket:

Arizona? Tough scene…


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