Twitter Sounds Off After Arizona, Joe Biden’s Pick To Win The NCAA Tournament, Makes First Round Exit

Joe Biden
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Politics can be polarizing, but the country can all come together and laugh at President Joe Biden’s bracket blunder.

The 46th president of the United States had the Arizona Wildcats winning the 2023 National Championship, and the 2-seeded team didn’t even make it out of the opening round.

Go ahead and burn the bracket Joe, that thing is cooked.

Biden’s pick to win the “big dance” didn’t last long. The Arizona Wildcats lost to the Princeton Tigers, who were a long-shot pick as a 15 seed. The Tigers took down the Wildcats (cat fight?) 59 to 55, and the 55 points scored by Arizona was their lowest point total for the entire season. For the Wildcats, it was a bad time to have a bad time.

This upset makes it the third straight year of the tournament that a 15 seed has beaten a two seed, and makes Arizona the only team in tournament history to lose twice to a 15 seed as a 2 seed.

Nice to know that the President of the United States is just like the rest of us. None of us know what we are doing, and even though we always get excited to have a perfect bracket every year, the whole thing goes down the toilet in the first couple of hours of the tournament.

Another thing that was weird was that Biden released his bracket AFTER the tournament started. Doesn’t that count as cheating? It certainly would deem the bracket null and void if he entered it into a March Madness bracket pool for money, but looks like he won’t have to have that argument anyways…

However, it does not seem like the late entry gave Biden any sort of upper hand, so we can all relax about it now. In fact, we can all relax and just enjoy the games now that there are only 0.12% of bracketing remaining perfect.

It should go without saying in this divisive political climate, but Joe got absolutely ROASTED for the pick:


Better luck next year Joe.

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