Crying Utah State Cheerleader Goes Viral With Emotional March Madness Moment

Utah State girl

Just as the emergence of a groundhog from a hole in Pennsylvania tells us Spring is near, crying Cheerleaders and college basketball fans doing the “surrender cobra” position signifies that March Madness is in full force.

We see it every single year when the NCAA Tournament rolls around. A team loses in dramatic fashion, and the camera operators in the arena get to work.

This year, the first victim of March Madness is this crying Utah State cheerleader. The 10-seed Utah State Aggies lost to the 7-seed Missouri Tigers 76-65, and this cheerleader simply couldn’t handle it.

Perhaps, she thought the 10 seeded Utah State was going to make it all the way to the national championship game, but more likely it’s that she’s a senior and this is her last time cheerleading… probably ever. A very emotional moment, no doubt.

Have a moment Utah State cheerleader, have a March Madness moment.

The slight lip quiver is really what brought the house down on social media. Plus, the game wasn’t particularly close at the end.

Maybe that extended period of time for the end of the season to really sink in was the culprit for the tears rolling down her face.

The worst part was that she made the national TV broadcast TWICE. They went “back to the well” to really rub it in for Utah State fans, who were excited to cheer on their Aggies in their 23rd NCAA tourney appearance.

Utah State’s time in the tournament was short lived, but the Aggie cheerleader will live on with memes and March Madness promos forever:

And let’s just say there were more than enough dudes on Twitter willing to lend a shoulder to cry on:

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