Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Has A “Wish List” Of Free Agents For The Jets If They Want Him In New York

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The “Aaron Rodgers Has To Make Everything He Does as Dramatic as Possible” streak continues.

There have been rumors swirling all week about the future landing spot for the long time Green Bay Packers quarterback, but all signs are starting to point towards the cursed Jets team in New York.

Dianna Russini of ESPN reported that Aaron Rodgers (unsurprisingly) has a wish list the Jets must fulfill if he were to agree to be traded there:

A list of demands you want someone else to do in order for you to get what you want… is that not a hostage situation? And if so, how is it that Rodgers is holding the Jets, the Packers, and every NFL sports fan hostage all at once?

Like a disgruntled, broken-up 90s rock group, Rodgers doesn’t want to move forward unless he can get the band back together. The list makes sense for the first three Packer names, as the former Super Bowl winning quarterback wants his best friend Randall Cobb, his deep threat Allen Lazard, his end-zone target Marcedes Lewis to join him on the Jets. Can’t leave to do work somewhere else without bringing your toolbox right?

But the fourth name of the “Rodgers Request List” is the talented, but lately injury prone, Beckham Jr. Odell, who last played for the Rams, sat out all of last season following a torn ACL in the 2022 Super Bowl (which the Rams went on to win). It isn’t a total surprise though since Rodgers tried to get the Packers to sign Beckham Jr. late into last season.

As odd as the whole situation is, the Jets seem to be cooperating:

Signing Lazard is the first domino to fall of the group, so now the NFL world must do even more waiting to see if the Jets continue to check off Rodger’s grocery list.

Three funny thoughts to add to this bizarre situation:

1) What if the Jets got all these guys and then Rodgers just retired? Or went somewhere else? I’m sure that won’t happen, but its a funny thought. He could just be trying to take care of his Packer’s friends since Green Bay might be looking to move on to younger players.

2) The current Jets wide-receiving core has been actively recruiting Rodgers to come to New York. Now, that the QB has requested his own list of wide receivers in order to join the Jets, I’m sure the group are having a little change of heart…

3) Will acquiring Rodgers be enough to bring the New York Jets back?

“Gang Green” hasn’t been in the NFL playoffs since 2010, so they know just as much as Rodgers about how it feels to be in the dark for an extended period of time. The Jets were talented last year, with some analysts even saying they were “a quarterback away.” Maybe Rodgers can take them to the promised land, but the Jets probably have a tight championship-window with the 39 year old quarterback.

While we all wait, might as well enjoy the internet commentary on the whole thing. There have been plenty of memes above, but just in case you are enjoying the “Rodgers to the Jets” meme charcuterie board, the internet is providing plenty to snack on:

Perhaps will find out tomorrow when A-Rod makes his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Could this be… The Decision?

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