Man Wastes No Time Diving For Fishing Rod After Fish Yanks It Out Of Woman’s Hands


You can’t understand the pain of losing a fishing rod, unless you’ve lost one yourself.

I’ll never forget going fishing with some of my friends back freshman year of college at around midnight on the last day of school.

We decided to smoke some celebratory cigars once it was midnight to celebrate the ending of freshman year, and I decided to set my rod down on the dock overhanging the water…

And yeah, you can imagine how that went…

Next thing you know I heard a splash, and it was gone forever. Night instantly ruined.

So, although there may be a number of people calling this guy nuts in this video, I totally can empathize with my guy.

In this video, you can see a woman trying to reel in what appears to be a massive bite while out on the boat.

However, it appears that the fish was just pulling too hard for the woman, as the rod came flying out of her hands and several feet into the water.

But, another guy on the boat wasn’t about to see his $700 plus rod go floating down to rock bottom, so he swiftly yanked his hat off, and dove head first for it while not even thinking twice.

And the best part about the video? The guy is able to save the rod, and you can see him continuing to attempt to reel the fish in. Now it’s uncertain if he was able to successfully reel it in, but you have to respect the effort here.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock