Kelly Clarkson Slams Button For ‘The Voice’ Contestant Crushing Faith Hill’s “Mississippi Girl”

The Voice

Spoiler: The last note of this cover gave me full-body chills.

I love a good button slam moment during The Voice auditions, and this girl deserved it.

Holly Brand from Meridian, Mississippi, stepped out on that stage and nailed the heck out of Faith Hill’s “Mississippi Girl.”

Before the first line is even over, and after the first vocal slide, Kelly Clarkson slams the button to turn her chair.

As the song continues, she looks stoked with her decision and becomes increasingly impressed with the young artist’s vocal range.

Neil Horn is not far behind Clarkson, followed by Chance the Rapper. When she kills the last note, Clarkson yells:

“Look at her sing!”

After the tune, all the coaches that turned their chairs gave her a standing ovation. Clarkson runs over to  Blake Shelton’s chair and says:

“What is wrong with you? Is this thing on?

Oh my god, I’m so happy right now; that was incredible!”

Neil Horn adds in:

“Your voice, the control, is unbelievable.”

And he’s not wrong. She nailed every drawn-out note with such steadiness she sounded like a seasoned professional.

As the coaches are fighting for her, she opened up and shared that she opened up for Blake Shelton when she was ten years old, and that was the moment she realized she wanted to become an artist.

Holly Brand, you gave “Mississippi Girl” justice during this audition.

And the original:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock