Lightning Strikes A Man’s Fishing Rod In Crazy Video

Fishing rod lightning


That is my all-time fear… and also why people run from the water when lightning strikes.

The odds of this happening are pretty low, but it’s definitely not worth the risk.

Lightning strikes are a natural phenomenon that occurs when a cloud-to-ground electrical discharge occurs. These discharges can occur during a thunderstorm and can strike any object, including fishing rods.

If there is a risk of thunderstorms, it is best to postpone the fishing trip. If a thunderstorm approaches, anglers should immediately stop fishing and seek shelter in a safe location. If shelter is not available, anglers should move to the lowest point in the area, away from any tall objects.

I’ve always heard this was possible, but never knew it was true.

This clearly shows that is can happen.

A man is seen holding a fishing rod while his buddy holds a net. A bad storm is brewing with dark clouds and a hard rainfall.

It must have been a good day out there because these men did not want to leave the water.

In a flash, the mans whole rod lights up with electricity. He lets go of it and starts shaking his hands from the shock.

The men then scramble to get their rods and get the hell out of the water.

Good choice… I mean, the man is super lucky this didn’t end up worse.

Crazy stuff.

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A beer bottle on a dock