WWE Star Liv Morgan Goes Viral For Looking Completely Uninterested With This Dude At The Knicks Game

Live Morgan

Man, ya hate to see it.

We’ve all been through the pain, crying, and gnashing of teeth that comes with getting rejected at some point in our lives.

However, the only thing worse than a normal rejection, is getting rejected on the big screen at a sporting event, for the thousands of other fans in the arena/stadium to see.

We’ve seen it time and time again, from Kiss Cam fails, to women turning down planned proposals, and even guys getting straight up ignored by the woman they’re trying to talk to.

And here we are once again, but this time it involves a current sports icon.

Liv Morgan is one of the most famous WWE superstars on the planet, and she made a trip to Madison Square Garden last night to watch the New York Knicks take on the Charlotte Hornets.

Once she was recognized, all cameras were on her, and she was shown on live TV.

And in that short clip of Morgan, you can see a guy sitting right next to her, who turns out is Justin Scalise, the WWE’s senior vice president for live events.

Of course, that’s probably not happening hear, but it didn’t stop the internet from roasting the poor guy.

Twitter has no chill:

Aside from annoying guy who wouldn’t leave her alone, it appears she still had a good time at the game:

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