Wall Of Tumbleweeds Swallow Up Rural Colorado Road

Colorado tumbleweed

What in the wild west is this?

We’ve all seen the old movies where a cowboy rolls into town, calls out the local bad guy in a bar, and they meet at high noon in the town square for a duel as a tumbleweed blows past.

Up to this point, I was sure tumbleweeds existed, but that they were a rarity, added to those movie scenes to amplify the magnitude of the occasion. I mean, I grew up in Pennsylvania… I’ve never seen one.

Welp, apparently I was wrong yet again.

A video taken last year outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, show that tumbleweeds are very much still a thing, and very much abundant when the circumstances are right.

Nick Fox was driving down Squirrel Road, taking his cat to the vet, when he suddenly came upon a scene that’s truly outrageous.

Tons and tons of tumbleweeds had blown out of the fields and covered the road, creating a wall that forced he and other drivers to push very slowly through to get past.

The video’s description gives a possible explanation for how this happened.

“Summer 2022 in rural Southern Colorado we got a ton of rain which resulted in tons of greenery. As a result, a ton of weeds too.

The resulting tumbleweeds, combined with wind for fall 2022, created a nuisance that no one ever expected.”

Just one of those sights you’d never expect to see.

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