Texas House Cat Fights Off Attacking Coyote

Coyote Cat

Put some respect on the cat’s name…

In general, house cats have a less than stellar reputation.

Sure, there’s those people who swear they’re “better than dogs,” but I’d say most people think cats are arrogant little jerks who barely let you pet them.

But, they also have their upside. Cats are freakishly athletic, take care of themselves, and can keep your house rodent free. I’ve actually really started liking cats recently (much to the dismay of my fiancée) and this video is just another example why.

A security camera in Surfside, Texas captured a wild scene playing out on a front porch, when a coyote squared up on a house cat, thinking it could grab a quick meal.

The mismatch is pretty obvious; Size, strength, and experience all go to the wild canine, but the cat showed just how tough it can be.

It fought off the attacker, using lightning quick paws, a good hiding spot, and an ability to climb out of harm’s way and live to fight another day.

There were more than a few times when it looked like the struggle was all for nothing, especially when it tried to get up on the railing, but the cat pulled itself out of every sticky situation and eventually got to the top of the porch post and out of the coyote’s reach.

Talk about having nine lives…

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