Doordash Driver Surrounded By Goats While Making Delivery In South Carolina: “Excuse Me Little Guys”


I have to imagine being a delivery driver isn’t the worst job in the world.

You get to drive around, check out new restaurants, listen to your music or podcasts (maybe even Whiskey Riff Raff), and in general the worst thing is finding the front door you’re supposed to drop the food off at.

But sometimes, when making deliveries out in the country, a few different obstacles pop up.

Take this driver in Summerville, South Carolina, who’s delivery got interrupted by a bunch of curious little goats.

It was all caught on a doorbell camera. First, they block his path to the door. Then, one jumps on the table where he sets the bag of food, both blocking his placement picture and trying to get a bite, while the others continue to meander around his feet.

The video ends with the guy just accepting that there will be a tiny goat in the picture, more than likely exactly what I would have done in that situation.

According to the video description, the goats don’t typically run around the property, but had escaped from their pen.

Even though they may be annoying at time, I just really, really want to have some goats…

Seems like a good way to keep things interesting.

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