Fishermen Save A Sea Turtle That Is Getting Chased Down By A Shark

Shark turtle

That was a close one.

The ocean is one of the wildest places out there. A true fish eat fish world, where there always seems to be something bigger out there.

Sharks are one of the most notorious killers as a whole. They are such a cool animal that they have a week dedicated to them on a TV channel.

Tiger sharks are one of the most notorious out of them all. They will eat anything they can get their mouth on from fish to garbage. Weighing 1,300 pounds requires a lot of food.

Tiger sharks are to blame for a large portion of human attacks, with second most behind great whites.

Their razor sharp teeth and large mouths allow them swallow down anything with ease, and one of their favorites is turtles. This video shows a tiger shark hunting one down.

The turtle desperately tries to make it to the bite as a tiger shark is literally attached to it rear end.

The fisherman want to help but won’t with the shark so close.

The turtle fights for its life and breaks free just long enough for one of the men to reach out and pull the turtle into the boat.

He lives to see another day.

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A beer bottle on a dock