House Cat Dodges Attack From Injured Great Horned Owl

Owl cat

The bird and the cat go at it.

This is the one opportunity when a house cat may stand a chance against a great horned owl… when it’s hurt.

One of these an animals is a notorious predator and the other is the largest killer of birds in the world…

House cats are known to kill more birds than anything else in the world, taking out more than an estimated billion every single year. That’s a lot of birds… they are definitely professionals.

Owls are too though. They are certified killers, using speed, surprise and their razor-sharp talons to take out any prey they set out after. And let’s be honest… out of those billion birds… we’re not talking about owls.

Even though cats love killing birds, owls are known to snatch up the odd house cat and dog from time to time.

This is not your typical encounter, however. Owls are typically more active at night, and do not generally spend a lot of time just chilling on the ground in broad daylight.

This owl is seen sitting on the ground, not moving much like it typically would in this situation. What happened to the bird is unknown.

A house cat is seen approaching the owl, who is clearly agitated, and starts to test the water and sees how close it can get to this bird that won’t take its eyes off of it.

The owl spreads its wings and puffs its feathers to try and intimidate the cat, but the cat follows with its fur and tail, unwilling to backdown in its own backyard. These two do not like each other.

As that cat closes in, the owl takes a jump at it out of nowhere to let it know it can still fight.

The cat doesn’t take the risk and decides to let the injured owl be.

Nature at finest.


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