Sierra Ferrell Shows Off Her Insane Vocal Talent Covering Connie Smith’s “Ain’t Had No Lovin'”

Sierra Ferrell Country music

This girl has some PIPES on her.

Sierra Ferrell never fails to amaze me. To add on top of her phenomenal Opry debut at the end of 2022, she released a video of her covering one of the most classic songs from Connie Smith.

And to nobody’s surprise, she absolutely knocks it out of the park.

“Ain’t Had No Lovin'” was a massive success for Connie Smith when it was released in 1966. It had a solid run on the charts topping at number two, and fans loved it so much it made an appearance on both of her albums released that year.

The song features a wide vocal range with lots of long, drawn-out notes, requiring a great deal of vocal control and lung power.

And Ferrell nails every aspect of this cover.

If there is one thing about Sierra Ferrell, she will pay respects to the greats that paved the way before her, while at the same time, putting her own modern twist on the classic.

You can tell she is having a blast while performing this song too, which is just addicting to watch.

I promise you’ll end up watching this more than once.

You can also check out her performance of her hit “Jeremiah.”

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