Go Behind The Scenes Of Sierra Ferrell’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Sierra Ferrell country music

Well, this has been a Long Time Coming.

….Y’all like what I did there?

One of my all-time favorite artists, Sierra Ferrell, made her Grand Ole Opry Debut in December of 2022, and it was a pretty flawless performance, and the time has come that her behind-the-scenes video is here.

These videos are a crowned jewel of The Grand Ole Opry’s YouTube channel. Hearing artists’ stories and the day leading up to them taking the stage is magical.

In the opening clips of the video, you see Ferrell taking it all in as she enters the Opry and settles into the green room.

When she takes the stage for the first time, she admires and does a twirl on the circle taken from the original Opry house, now known as the Ryman.

“I love all the church pews. I’ve never been to the Opry ever. This is my first time ever being here.”

After she soaks in the moment, Ferrell tells us about her humble beginnings and how music was a constant for her while she lived a nomadic lifestyle.

“I enjoyed people not expecting things from me. When you’re a street performer, people are walking by you because they are going to a store or something you’re just a perk, and there is no expectation. And that’s what I loved about it.

No one was expecting anything from me, and I could do what I wanted, and people could take it or leave it.” 

Hearing this much of Ferrell’s backstory gives her listeners a new perspective on her sound. It comes from not only her West Virginia roots but also from her extensive life experience.

Ferrell took the stage later that evening to perform her hit “Jeremiah.” and performed it flawlessly.

I’m a big fan of seeing artists I love take the Opry stage, but I am incredibly excited that it is Ferrell’s time to shine.

She is quickly making it known she is a force to be reckoned with.

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