Scumbag Eagles Fan Smashes 70-Year-Old Disabled Man’s Car, Neighbor Punches Him In The Face

Philly scumbag

Yep, I’m officially heated.

Listen, I’m all for celebrating your favorite sports team, and being a passionate fanbase.

But there’s a thin line that you simply can’t cross when it comes to celebrating…

And one of those things include damaging somebody else’s property.

That’s exactly what happened on Super Bowl Sunday, when Philadelphia Eagles fans took to the streets of Philly to begin their celebration of their team playing in the big game.

Eagles fans are known for being one of the most rambunctious fanbases in all of sports, and we saw that on full display when the Eagles beat the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game, when just about every Eagles fan imaginable took to the streets of Philly to celebrate.

However, one Philly fan in particular took his celebration over the top…

By beginning to smash somebody else’s car with a club.

You can see in the footage the man smashing the car. But, luckily enough, there was one good Samaritan out there who decided to stop the madness…

By delivering a brutal right hook to the culprit’s face. See? Not all Philly fans are a**holes.

But perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the story is who the car belongs to.

It belongs to a 70-year-old disabled man, named Richard Pierce. The guy who punched the culprit was actually Pierce’s neighbor.

Pierce spoke about the incident in an interview with a FOX29 reporter:

“I saw this young lady jumping up and down on my hood, and I ran to my door to tell her to get off my car, but the crowd was so big I couldn’t get out.

“Through the screen door, I asked them to tell that young lady to get off my car. She got off, and a little later I heard a fight so I went to the window to see the fight and there were two guys out here fighting.

A neighbor then knocked on my door and said, ‘Come outside and take a look at the damage they did to your car.’

My neighbor across the street saw him do it and ran across the street and punched him in the mouth. And that’s why they started fighting.

I’m a Temple graduate myself, Class of ’74 Class of ’88 grad, we used to party all the time but we never damaged anybody’s property.”

Hopefully this a**hole learned his lesson, along with everybody else who has ever thought about doing something like this.

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