‘The Farmer’s Dog’ Super Bowl Commercial Had People In Tears During The Game Last Night

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You really never know what you’re gonna get from the Super Bowl commercials every year.

I’d say for the most part, companies try to do something really funny or outrageous to catch everyone’s attention, seeing as they spent millions and millions of dollars on a 30-second ad spot, but sometimes, one just hits you right in the feels.

And last night, as the Philadelphia Eagles battled (and ultimately lost to) the Kansas City Chiefs, one in particular had many Americans in tears… and that would be “Forever,” by The Farmer’s Dog.

The dog food company took viewers on a journey of a puppy and owner, spotlighting the special companionship between them over the years, which I think millions of people can relate to.

You see the young girl grow up, get married and start her own family, as her dog is right there by her side every step of the way.

Though some questioned the timeline of how many years had to have gone by to theoretically make it work, and some were upset they thought the dog would die at the end of the commercial jokingly citing unfair “emotional distress,” it ended with the owner laying bed with her husband and baby as “Forever” by Lee Fields played in the background.

It was certainly one that pulled at the heartstrings and could make you tear up right in the middle of a Super Bowl party with people everywhere, and it sounds like plenty of people did, according to Twitter:

Make sure you check it out if you missed it during all the commotion of the big game, but you might wanna grab a few tissues first…

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