Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Ran Her First Marathon In Less Than 4 Hrs… On 13 HOURS NOTICE

Gracie Hunt
Gracie Hunt

It’s Super Bowl week, and we have a lot to look forward to this upcoming Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles square off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Phoenix, Arizona.

With that being said, there’s one person in particular who has been making a lot of headlines recently involving the Kansas City Chiefs, and no, it’s not a football player…

It’s Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.

Not hard to see why…

Although her family name may be one of the most recognizable in the NFL, considering her family played a major role in creating the American Football League, and has built a dynasty over the past several years, Gracie has made quite the name for herself.

She’s a beauty queen and an Instagram model, and is very well known for her philanthropy work, like the Special Olympics in particular.

However, little did people know that she’s a marathon runner as well.

In fact, she ran her first marathon on basically a 13 hour notice. THIRTEEN HOURS.

People generally train for marathons for quite a long time, and some still don’t even finish. Some get injured, some folks end up walking, but Gracie? Psh… she rolls outta bed and runs 26 miles like nothing.

And on top of that, she ran it in under four hours.

In a profile written by the New York Post, she gave a rundown on the race:

“I signed up for my first marathon about 13 hours before the race started. I had never run in a registered race before this point and had never run more than 13 miles consecutively, and that was on treadmill several years before…

(I) took a chance, registered at about 5 PM that evening, and ran it at 6 AM the next day, and finished it in three hours and 45 minutes, and that is what started my marathon career.”

For those who aren’t familiar with how good three hours and 45 minutes in a marathon is, lets put it this way… roughly 21% of females who compete in marathons finish the race in less than four hours, and she was able to do this with practically no preparation, on a 13 hour notice. The global average for women is about 4 hours and 42 minutes… Gracie was a whole hour faster than the average.

“When I played soccer, I loved to run to supplement my cardio for my endurance on the field. For marathons, it’s different because you really have to teach your body how to handle much longer durations of exertion.

You have to build up a tolerance and train yourself to handle it. It’s a lot of regular 13-mile runs, and 14-mile runs, so it’s been very different. I will say coming off Miss USA training, it’s very different but I also love it because it’s allowed me to go back to my competitive roots.”

Pretty mind boggling, I must say.

And if you call bullshit… don’t. I looked it up and she’s run two marathons in Colorado and but were under 4 hours.

She’ll be running in the Boston marathon this year, but in the meantime, you can find her rooting on the Chiefs at the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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