Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Comes To Jackson Mahomes’ Defense After Instagram Video Flaunting His Wealth

Gracie Hunt

Earlier this week, NFL fans went scorched earth over an Instagram post from Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson.

In the post, it was a video reel of himself basically flaunting his wealth, from high end clothing, to Range Rovers, and even a private jet.

NFL fans flooded to the comments, calling him out for flaunting the money that he didn’t earn, and it all came from Patrick’s success on the gridiron as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Not to mention, Jackson really hasn’t helped his case over the past couple of years, after he was seen pulling antics like pouring water on heckling Baltimore Ravens fans, doing a TikTok dance on the late Sean Taylor’s memorial, and also going on a rampage on social media about the service of a Kansas City bar.

Although the guy has received a lot of hate for his actions here recently, there is one person who has come to his defense…

And it’s no other than Gracie Hunt, the daughter of Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt.

In an interview with FOX News, she praised Patrick’s family:

“I think Patrick Mahomes has a wonderful family – from Brittany to Jackson. They are wonderful people and we are so blessed to have them as part of our organization and are huge rocks in Patrick’s life.

I do think that we live in a culture that’s often quick to criticize and slow to forgive. But I think we need to be one that’s quick to forgive and slow to criticize.”

Of course, when your father is the owner of the Chiefs, you’re pretty much obligated to back up your franchise quarterback’s family.

Nevertheless, there is still a ton of truth to her statement.

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