Golfers Shocked To See Giant Rattlesnake On Florida Golf Course

rattlesnake golf

That’s a big boy…

We’ve all heard lots about the python problem that’s ripping through Florida’s swamps, with these giants wiping out over 90% of small game mammals in the Everglades and giving us some incredible videos, like this one of a gator dragging a python away for a meal.

While Burmese pythons are an invasive species that was introduced to Florida quite a few years back, there’s a domestic belly crawler located in every county of the Sunshine State that doesn’t want to be outshined by these new comers.

The Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake.

While not quite as large as the python, these guys still clock in at up to 8 feet long and over 10 pounds, and they also have something pythons lack.


A single bite of an eastern diamond rattlesnake contains 4 times that amount of venom required to kill a human, according to ThoughtCo.

Well, golfers in St. Petersburg, Florida were treated to the sight of one of these monsters up close while out on Mangrove Bay Golf and Cypress Links Country Club a few years back, and my goodness was this snake scary.

Logan Ungerer captured the video of the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake making its way across a green and while they stayed a good distance away from it, the sheer thickness of its body blew me away.

Looks way over 10 pounds to me…

Florida just always has another trick up its sleeve…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock