Watch Texas Police Officer Brave Tornado To Get K-9 Partner From Squad Car

police k9

Of all the bonds between man and animal, that between a police officer and his K-9 partner are certainly near the top of the list.

We’ve all seen (and cried to) videos of a K-9’s final send off after years of service, heck, let’s watch another one right now…

Got some dust in my eyes…

Well, a Texas Police Officer showed just how much he cared for his partner when a major tornado hit Texas 2 weeks ago.

As the worst of the storm was hitting the Deer Park Police station, Joel Nitchman realized his partner, Roni, was still inside their squad car.

“He’s put himself in harm’s way for me before… the thought of debris or the car flipping over, I couldn’t do that too him. I couldn’t have him out there.”

A security camera captures the scene, Officer Nitchman running out to the car while lightning flashes, the rain is pouring, and the wind is tearing.

At first he wasn’t able to get the door open due to the conditions, and at first Roni wanted nothing to do with going into the elements, but he was able to coax him out and the two ran back into the station unharmed.

That’s some real friendship right there…

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