Top Baby Names Of 2022 Are All Inspired By ‘Yellowstone’ Characters

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It’s no surprise that whenever a show like Yellowstone gets to be as popular as it is, people start to pull inspiration when it comes to finding baby names.

I mean, hell, you even see it in sports pretty often.

I bet you could walk down the street in Knoxville, Tennessee right now and stop at least a handful of people in their 20’s named Peyton, as a result of Peyton Manning’s incredible legacy with the Vols.

But, I digress, and you get the point…

With Season Five of the hit Paramount series absolutely crushing the TV numbers, it seems like a ton of new parents named their babies after some of the fan-favorite characters.

In a study conducted by Organic Baby Formula, based on data from the US Social Security Administration, they found that the fastest growing baby names of 2022 were Dutton, Rip and Kayce, in that order.

Those names saw a 3300%, 2367%, and 1679% increase in popularity from 2021, respectively.

The name Rue from Euphoria and Viktor from The Umbrella Academy rounded out the top five of the most popular baby names last year.

Also included on the list was Laramie, Walker and Tate from Yellowstone.

For the study, they pulled rankings from Rotten Tomatoes to identify the top 100 shows from 2020, 2021, and 2022, then ran characters names through the SSA baby name database to determine how much certain names have increased in popularity, with only names that had an obvious correlation were used.

So if you’re looking for a good old fashioned cowboy or cowgirl name in the near future, be warned that they might be in a class with 10 other Rip’s, Dutton’s or Kayce’s in a few years.

I know we typically talk about the Yellowstone Effect when it comes to music, but it sounds like they have a pretty strong foothold in the baby name market, too.

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