Sturgeon Jumps Out Of Water & Smacks Girl Out Fishing With Her Dad


That was unexpected…

And a fishing memory the family will remember forever.

Sturgeon are large, prehistoric fish that are known for their unique appearance and impressive size. They are common in many river systems and are often seen jumping out of the water, which is impressive due to their size.

Sturgeon are known for their large size, with some growing up to 20 feet in length and weighing over 1,000 pounds. These fish are a popular target for sport fishing and their meat and eggs are used widely across the world.

Sturgeon are a cool, fish but are widely declining for various reasons from over fishing to habitat loss from dams and changing climates.

Having a sturgeon encounter is always a treat for all of those reasons.

Except this time maybe…

A family was out for a day on the water feeding some tarpon when the most unexpected thing happened.

As they wrestled around on the boat, a monster sturgeon jumped clear out of the water actually smacking a young girl on the boat.

The dad is a hilariously excited as she freaks out unsure what even happened.

“While filming Tarpon Feeding with my drone this crazy prehistoric beast almost jumped in our boat. In the process smacked my daughter in the arm with it’s tail as she was sitting on the poling platform.

I think the thing jumped close to 11′ my rods are 7’6″ and they were above and beyond that. Never know what you’re going to see at the ocean.”

That’s something that just doesn’t happen every day.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock