Man Sneaks Up On Wounded Bear & Kicks It…. BIG Mistake

Bear attack kick

Just when you think you can’t see anything that is this stupid, the internet once again, never ceases to amaze.

Rule #1 with any wildlife is that surprising them is not a good idea. And Rule #2 is probably, umm… don’t kick animals with big sharp teeth and big sharp claws.

Even though a bear can hear and smell far better than any human, it’s surprising how many times a person can sneak right up on them.

But usually, when a person sneaks up on a bear, it’s a surprise to both the bear and the human. I mean, is walking into a bear’s kitchen something anybody is trying to do? Hell no.

You would think it’s common sense…

But common sense ain’t so common anymore, and you can’t fix stupid.

The video comes to us from the Kamchatka region of Russia (if you’ve seen Stranger Things Season 4, you’ve heard the name), and picks up with a lone bear walking through the woods minding its own business.

The man who is filming (apparently has a death wish) begins to follow behind the bear, inching closer and closer, before he… kicks the bear?

The bear turns around and seems rattled someone would actually “poke the bear.”

Why don’t you “poke the bear?” This…

It has no real choice after that blatant disrespect so the bear chooses violence.

The bear pauses for a couple seconds and then lets out some pretty terrifying roars as he charges the man, going into full blown attack mode. Everything goes out of view as the scuffle ensues and we can only assume the man is busy fighting for his life.

He seems to break free from the bear and shouts.

“It bit through my hand… It f*cking attacked me.”

Well… duh.

I’m sorry but there’s no sympathy from this fella. And really, he got off lucky. He EASILY could’ve died right there in the woods.

Don’t poke the bear people…

MeatEater Host Steve Rinella Recalls Being Attacked By A Bear

If you watch hunting shows, you’re undoubtedly familiar with MeatEater, hosted by hunter, outdoorsman, and conservationist Steve Rinella.

A lover of the Great Outdoors, he’s essentially the complete opposite of the man you just watched kick a bear.

But if you’re familiar with Steve Rinella, you’ve probably heard the story of his trip to Afognak Island, and the Kodiak brown bear that came barreling through their camp.

Long story short: Steve Rinella and a crew of hunters were posted up for lunch when a massive 11 and half foot Kodiak brown bear came tearing into the camp.

Miraculously, nobody was harmed, but their camera man did end up riding the bear for a ways down the mountain.

But for Rinella, surviving the attack still haunts him to this day.

Listen to this crazy story on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience.

Here’s Remi Warren’s account of the story as well.

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