Randy Rogers Band Answers Which Songs Are Their Favorite To Play Live

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Peter Zavadil

The age old question you always want to ask you favorite band.

What’s your favorite of your songs, or at least the one that’s most fun to play live?

Well, Randy Rogers Band gave their answers to this exact question, and it was pretty fun to hear.

Oddly enough, the entire band chose an older song of theirs, meaning there really is something special about those original songs that bring the group together and fans in.

Let’s take a look at what they said:

Les Lawless

“My favorite song to play live would be “Down & Out””

Todd Stewart

“My favorite song to play live is “Speak Of The Devil”, simply because I don’t get a lot of piano parts that really stand out… I really enjoy playing the intro to that song.”

Jon Richardson

“My favorite song to play live is almost always “This Time Around” because it rocks, and people head bang…”

Johnny Chops

“I think my favorite song to play live is “Down & Out”. The entire band wrote it together which I think is kinda cool, it’s one of the only songs that we all did that on…”

Brady Black

“It’s such a tough call. I love “In My Arms Instead” because it just brings people together.”

Randy Rogers

“My favorite song to play live is “In My Arms Instead”… I just watch people every night fall in love to it, dance to it, sing to it. Thank you so much for making that song a part of your life, it’s a huge part of mine.”

What’s your favorite Randy Rogers Band song?

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