Luke Bryan Blasted For Dustin Lynch Introduction At Crash My Playa: “No One Has Passed More STD Tests Than This Gentleman”

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Sounds like somebody had a little too much tequila…

Luke Bryan hosted his annual Crash My Playa festival event in Mexico this weekend, and one of his friends Dustin Lynch was there in-person to play a show for the crowd in sunny Cancun.

Other performers included Luke himself headlining two nights, as well as Chris Stapleton, Cole Swindell, Ashley McBryde, Brian Kelley, Carly Pearce, Chase Rice and more.

But it sounds like Saturday evening didn’t quite go so smoothly, as Luke was caught on camera absolutely ripping Dustin in his introduction.

A fan on TikTok shared the video, with Luke blasting Dustin on stage for all to hear, saying in the microphone that “no one has taken more drug test, IVs, or passed more STD tests” than Dustin.

And while I’m sure it was all meant in good fun, you can pretty clearly tell how much Luke had been drinking all day as he stumbled over some of his words.

“The longest-standing representative of Crash My Playa, no one, no one has drank more liquor, no one has vomited more, no one has taken more drugs, no one has taken more IVs, no one has passed, no one has passed more STD tests than this next gentleman.”

At the end, though, he assures the crowd that Dustin has “a clean bill” and no diseases:

“He has got a clean bill, he does not have diseases, give it up for Dustin Lynch!”

@country_musicfan23 What Luke Bryan said about Dustin Lynch is absolutely uncalled for! Nobody deserves an introduction to stage like Luke did to Dustin. #dobetter #countrymusic #cmp23 #crashmyplaya #crashmyplaya2023 #lukebryan #dustinlynch #dustinlynchmusic #isaidwhatisaid #GenshinImpact34 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #viraltiktok ♬ original sound – Country Music Fan

I mean, jeez… I’m no fan of Dustin’s music by any means, but shit…. not exactly a warm welcome for your “longest-standing representative.”

And like I mentioned, I’m sure Luke was probably already hammered and thought it would be some good-natured, friendly ribbing and teasing, but it’s definitely not a good look for him, to say the least.

From that video, it sounds like Dustin doesn’t respond at all and just starts playing his first song, but I’d love to hear his thoughts on the glowing introduction…

And not shockingly, Luke got absolutely lit up in the comments on the TikTok, and here are just a few:

“This. I’m so glad someone else said it too! Drunk or not have more respect when introducing someone. So uncalled for.”

“I love luke but he sounded like an idiot making that introduction good grief.”

“I am beyond disappointed in what Luke said about Dustin that was not cool at all.”

“now why did he do him like that.”

“What Luke said about Dustin is so undeserving to be said. Dustin deserved a better introduction than that.”

“If someone talked about Luke’s nieces like he did Dustin, Luke would destroy their reputation! Remember that stone you roll will come back to you Luke!”

“I’ll beat Luke’s mediocre ass.”

“I hope Dustin sees that the crowd thinks more highly of him than that poor intro. L for Luke.”

“Keep it up zero talent Luke! You’ll be playing to empty stadium soon.”

And that’s just a taste… there are tons more just like it in the comments section.

We’ll have to wait and see if Luke or Dustin address it publicly now that the video is blowing up on social media, but it looks like Luke at least had a helluva time with his fellow American Idol judge Lionel Ritchie… and I’m guessing a pretty nasty hangover on Sunday morning too:

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