Mountain Bikers Stunned By Wolverine Carrying A Goat Head Down The Trail

Wolverine goat head

That’s nightmare fuel right there…

What kind of animal just comes strolling up a trail causally carrying a goat head? A wolverine that’s what kind.

These are the most fearless creature to roam North America. Pound for pound, easily the wildest animal out there.

They are known to eat just about any mammals around, even beasts three times their size… including goats, clearly.

This video shows an animal that is fairly small walking up a cycling trail towards the person filming.

As it gets a bit closer you can see it is carrying something, it’s hard to tell what though.

As it gets a bit closer you realize it’s a wolverine, and knowing what you know about them, it must be what’s left of an animal that it is carrying.

The wolverine stares down the cyclist, as if to say, “what are you gonna do about it?” and proceeds to get right up next to the cyclist. You can see it is in fact carrying a full goat head.

What animal is this badass? I’ll wait…

How many times does a person encounter a wolverine in the wild? Not often, especially one carrying a goat head.

This is your reminder to spend a little more time in the woods… you might just happen to stumble upon some incredible encounters like this one.

Wolverine Captured On Camera At Yellowstone For The First Time Ever

RARE sighting from Yellowstone National Park.

Since remote cameras were installed in 2014, there has yet to be live footage of a wolverine…until now.

For the first time, they captured the elusive animal.

In a Facebook post they provided more details:

“Last month, park biologists were excited to find one of Yellowstone’s rarest mammals triggered a remote trail camera outside the Mammoth Hot Springs area!

Wolverines (Gulo gulo), mid-sized carnivores in the weasel family that typically occupy high-elevation alpine and forest habitats, exist in low densities in the park and are rarely detected.

Park biologists have used remote cameras to monitor the cougar population since 2014, but this technology has since become increasingly valuable for detecting and monitoring a variety of species and aspects of Yellowstone’s ecology.

This is the first video footage of a wolverine since remote cameras have been deployed in the park.”

Here it is.

These are some badass animals.

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