Australian Family Find Massive Carpet Python Behind Their Microwave


Oh hell no, absolutely not.

Australia is a wild place, giving us kangaroos, emus, hard to understand accents, insanely venomous spiders, and a ridiculous amount of snakes.

Seriously, the land down under is home to 140 species of land snakes and another 32 species of water snakes.

For comparison, there’s about 50 snake species in the United States…

So yeah, people who live there have to be pretty comfortable with any number of belly-crawlers near them at anytime.

But when they make their way into the kitchen, it’s time to call in a pro, which is exactly what a family in Brisbane, Australia did when they saw a huge one slithering on a kitchen bench.

By the time the extractor arrived, the snake had mysteriously disappeared, although the family thought it had curled up behind the microwave.

Honestly, I was expecting them to have overstated the size of this guy when making the call, especially considering how little room was behind the microwave and wall, but low and behold, my jaw fell open when this guy was pulled out.

And they weren’t lying, it was massive. By my very unexpert opinion, it was at least 6 feet long.

You never known where there will be a snake hiding down under, so I’ll probably just avoid the continent as a whole for the time being…

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