Jesse Keith Whitley & Lorrie Morgan Praise Morgan Wallen’s Tribute To Keith Whitley: “I Knew I Loved Morgan, Now It’s Positive”

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That’s some pretty high praise.

Morgan Wallen seems to have been on a pretty big Keith Whitley kick lately. Back in December, he posted a video of his cover of the late great country star’s “Kentucky Bluebird.”

Then this past weekend he teased a studio recording of a brand new song inspired by Whitley, featuring references to some of the Country Music Hall of Famer’s biggest hits like “I’m No Stranger To the Rain” and “Kentucky Bluebird.”

“I’m no stranger to the rain
It starts raining I start pourin’

I’ll take hurts like hell in the morning
Over feeling this way
There ain’t a mirror in this house anymore

Cuz it kills me to see
The guy that you leave
And walk right out the door

Kentucky Bluebird, Kentucky bourbon
Sure got this ole’ boy hurtin’ in Tennessee

Good whiskey, girl it just don’t last
When Keith Whitley keeps bringin’ you up like that
Guess I’m drinking bout us, what it was

The things I love got a way of gettin’ gone too soon
Kinda like good whiskey, Keith Whitley and you.”

The song immediately drew praise on Morgan’s social media – and for good reason. This may end up being one of my favorite songs that he’s ever written. And say what you want about Morgan or his music being overproduced or not being country enough or whatever: The guy can write a damn good song.

And this one in particular drew praise from a couple of extra special fans: Keith Whitley’s widow, Lorrie Morgan, and their son Jesse Keith Whitley.

Lorrie commented on the song:

“Wow!!!! I knew I loved Morgan, now it’s positive. Great Job Morgan from the Whitley’s 💔💋💋💋”

And Jesse Keith Whitley had his own take, adding simply:

“Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That settles it. Gonna need this one on that next album.

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