Ian Munsick Announces Sophomore Album, “White Buffalo”

Ian Munsick country music

The Wyoming boy is back.

Ian Munsick took to social media to announce his sophomore album, White Buffalo, will be coming out April 7th and released a 4th single from the upcoming project titled “River Run.”

Check out this truck stop t-shirt album art:

The 18 song record will feature his killer collaboration with Cody Johnson, “Long Live Cowgirls”, and I have to say, I’m already really liking how this one is shaping up.

I’ve been very open about my hesitation with Ian’s music in the past. The instrumentation has always been great, very fiddle heavy and classically western, and while there was something that peaked my interest, it never got me fully over the hump.

But with the already released “More Than Me”, and this new one, I think White Buffalo may be the album that makes me a full-on Ian Munsick fan.

“River Run” is truly just a beautiful song. From the Blackfoot River reference, to the gorgeous fiddle work and top notch vocals, this is truly a hell of a tune.

“We made love in the Blackfoot water
A rancher’s son and the rivers daughter
Big sky moon on a July night
That’s where she left me one last time
I like to think she ain’t to blame
That gypsy blood runs through her veins
She wasn’t made to stay
Even to this day

She runs through the middle of my mind
Won’t let go
Her memory deep as it is wide 
Everything including me
In this town won’t ever leave
We just settle like the dust when the day is done
Her and the river run…”

Some damn good stuff.

Can honestly say I can’t wait for April 7th.

And if you feel like tearing up, give “More Than Me” a listen.

This one may have a place at my wedding…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock