Bull Elk Falls A** Over Tea Kettle Trying To Jump A Fence

Elk fail

Ahh, the majestic elk.

The antlered king of the west. A true American legend which has inspired countless tales, stories, and epic encounters, putting them near the top of most iconic creatures in the country.

But apparently not the best high jumper…

Elk are known for their physical capabilities, whether running free across a plain or scaling tough mountain terrain, but this video proves even the best fall down sometimes.

This particular bull was chasing after a cow during the rut when a pesky fence got in his way. Brimming with testosterone and a full head of steam, he had to be thinking this could be his Bo Duke moment and went to leap over the fence.

Whether it was just a bit too high or he was just a bit too heavy, he clipped his front legs on the top wire and absolutely face planted on the other side, limbs and antlers flying in every direction.

He was just fine and continued on the chase for a mate, but man that’s got to be such a buzzkill.

One second you’re conquering the world and the next the world has conquered you.

So when you get knocked down, shake it off just like this elk and stay on the path.

Just hope there’s not a camera there to capture it and put it on YouTube…

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A beer bottle on a dock