Larry Fleet’s “Where I Find God” Goes RIAA Certified Gold

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You love to see it.

It feels like yesterday when Larry Fleet burst onto the mainstream country music scene with his first hit, “Where I Find God.”

The song couldn’t have dropped at a better time, considering the world was at the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there was so much uncertainty about what was ahead.

Needless to say, it gave us all a great peace of mind, regardless of your religious beliefs.

And now, here we are nearly three years later, and Fleet is still reaping the benefits of his hard work, as “Where I Find God” has officially gone RIAA Certified Gold.

He shared in a heartfelt Instagram post:

“Well I got my first gold plaque and I couldn’t be more proud or happy. It was a powerful moment for me because it’s something that I’ve always dreamed of but never thought I would actually get one of my own.

I appreciate everybody that had bought, streamed and shared this song because yall made it possible for this ol boys dream to come true, so thank you! Thanks Connie Harrington for writing it with me and Joey Moi for making it sound so good and the Big Loud team and Good Company Entertainment team for working so hard for it.

There will be way better pics coming but I felt the need to post these now. Y’all have a good one!”

We had the opportunity to interview Fleet last November at the Greenville Country Music Fest in Simpsonville, South Carolina, where he actually told us the story behind “Where I Find God.”

He shared:

“Yeah it wasn’t even my idea really, I was doing a thing called gospel song Sunday. It was just a thing I was doing on Instagram, something like that, and Connie Harrington, she hit me up and said ‘Hey I’ve got an idea, see if you want to write it,’ and this was before I had a record deal, I didn’t have anything going on at the time really.

So I went over to her place and she said ‘I’ve got an idea, it’s Where I Find God,’ and so we started talking about hunting, you know riding down the road, all the places I talk to God, and we put it all together and I loved the song, thought it was a good song, but people put it on hold, and it had many different lives that it was gonna do, and then I got a record deal with Big Loud.

So then I recorded it, and they shelved it for a little while, and this was before COVID had happened, didn’t even know it was going on, but I’d come up with a plan probably in January, like put it out on Good Friday, lets put it out and just see what happens. I just wanted it to go out.

So you have to go through this process for months to try to get it set up, ready to go, and we did and it just happened to hit right whenever COVID hit. I didn’t really plan it out that way, it just kinda happened that way.”

And if you haven’t heard the song yet, do yourself a favor:

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