Paul McCartney Nearly Got Hit By A Car While Re-Creating The Iconic Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ Picture

Paul McCartney

Yep, that could’ve been bad…

Beatles legend Paul McCartney and his daughter Mary were at the iconic Abbey Road Studios Sunday. You know, across the street from where the Beatles took their legendary 1969 Abbey Road album cover picture of them crossing the road.

While there, Mary asked the 80-year-old if she could recreate the picture…

And McCartney almost got ran over by a car in the process.

They were there because Mary is promoting a documentary about the legendary recording studio, titled If These Walls Could Sing.

She told the Mirror:

“The bit where the car nearly ran him over on the zebra crossing, that was so funny. As we were leaving (the studio), I said, ‘I’ll film you (on the crossing),’ and he went over and this car totally didn’t stop for him!”

She also told PEOPLE back in December that she got the idea for the documentary after seeing a 1977 picture of her mother, Linda McCartney, and father crossing the road with a pony:

“I love the picture of my mom going over the zebra crossing. She had a little pony in London. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do (the film).

I snuck her into it a few times. There’s an homage to her. She’s my inspiration.”

She also mentioned that she was borderline terrified to show her father the film, so she allegedly took him to a theater to see it:

“The next day, I was at an event and somebody said, ‘I saw your dad and he was talking about the documentary for ages.’ It’s somewhere he’s really passionate about so when he heard I was doing the documentary, he was really pleased and it made him think about Abbey Road again and a lot of the stories.”

If These Walls Could Sing is now streaming on Disney+.

Man, Paul McCartney feels like one of those untouchable celebrities, like Willie Nelson, who feels like they’ll never die. Imagine if it would’ve happened on the same street that brought them so much fame to begin with?

Now THAT would’ve been bad.

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