Fisherman Jump Ship When Massive Marlin Comes Flying Into The Boat

Marlin attacks boat

The old switch-a-roo.

That’s not where I would be wanting to end up though, but then again having a marlin with a massive sword for a face is enough to make me jump into the deep blue.

Marlin are one wild fish. We’ve seen them pull a fisherman 15-miles out to sea before. We’ve even seen one jump in a boat before, but not like this.

They are a massive fish, that can weigh in over 1,500-pounds, but on average around 300-400. No matter what way you swing it they’re big. They also have an actual spear attached to their face that they use for hunting. They will swim through fish, injuring them with the spear and then come in for a meal.

They’re a fishermen’s dream; big, a good and long fight and they love to jump clear out of the water. Watching a marlin get reeled in is almost unbelievable.

These fishermen had one for the ages. They hooked into a nice one that was putting up a great fight. One was strapped into a chair that helps him gain leverage to be able to pull the powerful fish in closer. The marlin jumps multiple times as it gets in closer to the boat.

As it gets in really closer, it goes down then out of no where takes a big leap right into the boat!

As the fish starts to flop around the fishermen panic to avoid its weapon of a face and one actually jumps right out of the boat.

They literally switched places.

It doesn’t get much funnier than that. Especially since they all made it out safe and sound.

It just shows how dangerous these fish can be, even an experienced fisherman is so afraid of their raw power that he will leap out of the boat.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock