Ice Fishing Hunting Dog Reels In A Perch

Fishing dog

What a good boy.

These bird dogs need something to do in the off season. And why shouldn’t they resort to our hold-over activity of ice fishing too?

Ice fishing is the bridge to get outdoorsman through the winter. It’s not always our favorite activity, you know, with the needed freezing temperatures and the reduced action, but it still leads to great memories made and the chance to still catch some nice fish.

Hunting dogs are always a special breed… super intelligent and energetic, they’re the goodest of boys when all trained up. And the things they are able to learn are nothing short of amazing.

This good boy was out for a winter day on the ice. A bit of a change up from his normal duties of retrieving. So rather than retrieving ducks, he thought he’d try his hand at retrieving fish.

They rig him up with the line attached to his collar and drop it down into the freezing water.

As soon as the dog feels a tug on the line, he sets the hook. Walking forward, he pulls the line in until the fish plops up out of the ice hole.

Ducks and fish… this boy can do it all.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock