‘Love Island’ Star Shannon Singh Can’t Drive From London To Scotland Without Having Sex Multiple Times

Love Island

Man, some people just have it bad.

So bad to the point where they physically cannot complete a car ride without doing the dirty.

That’s the exact “problem” that Love Island star and model Shannon Singh has run into, with her boyfriend and famous DJ, Ben Sterling.

In fact, they can’t even drive from London to Scotland without stopping at “several service stations” on the way to do the deed.

According to The Sun, Singh admitted on her new podcast, Hushed, while interviewing intimacy coach Dr Lori Beth Bisbey.

She said:

“I’m very sexual.

I’m not shy when it comes to my sex life because I require it.

My connection with my partner is getting into bed, getting in the feels and having a great time. People get so shy talking about sex and I’m not like that at all.

Me and Ben will have a long drive from London to Scotland and we will stop at the service stations and spark it up. I literally need to keep it alive and I love it because he’s the same.

It’s not to the point that it’s the only intimacy we have, but I know I have a really high sex drive so I need it.”

I mean good Lord, if Horny jail were a real thing, these two would get the book thrown at ’em.

I mean, it is about a 7 hour drive from Glasgow…

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