JR Motorsports Shares Insane Footage Of Truck Getting Struck By Lightning At Their Headquarters During Thunderstorm


Starting 2023 off with a bang…

Yesterday, some pretty intense thunderstorms rolled through the Charlotte, North Carolina region, which were accompanied by some equally intense lightning.

Of course, it’s not exactly the time of year we usually get those kinds of storms in the Carolinas, but it’s been unseasonably warm (like, in the 70’s), which meant we were due for a little bit of severe weather.

And we certainly got it…

While, for the most part, I don’t think there was too much to write home about from these storms (thankfully), there is one exception, and that’s what happened at the JR Motorsports headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

JR Motorsports is the racing team co-owned by Hall of Fame NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., and they shared a wild video of lightning striking directly on the premises of their parking lot yesterday, which seemed to hit directly next to, or on, a white Chevy truck parked there.

It caused so much electricity that, at the end of this video from a security camera, you can see the headlights turn on:

Thankfully, no one was injured or nearby when the strike took place, and the video has been viewed over two million times now.

The JR Motorsports team also shared this angle from a camera facing a metal security gate, where the electricity jumped nearby as more sparks flew:

And apparently, the lightning didn’t actually cause too much damage, as they later shared an update that the truck didn’t even have a scratch on it… insane:

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