Drayton Farley Delivers Incredible Acoustic Rendition Of “American Dream”

Drayton Farley country music

When it comes to authenticity, Drayton Farley is as real as it gets.

And if you aren’t too familiar with him, it’s about time to get going, because it won’t be long until he’s one of the top names out of the independent country music world.

But if you haven’t listened to the Alabama native before, I’d highly suggest starting off with his song “American Dream.”

A cut from his 2021 A Hard Up Life album, the song is one of the most brutally honest songs I’ve ever heard, as Farley sings about everything that’s wrong with the “American Dream.”

The lyrics grab you immediately from the opening line:

“I’ma just keep watchingI think my heart’s stoppingNicotine fiend of a manI was born this wayI’m a government slaveAnd I was raised on stolen land”

I mean SHEESH… preaching to the blue collar choir.

With that being said, Farley recently played a strip down version of the song for Western AF, in front of a gorgeous set up right by a creek.

There’s something about watching these live videos that can make the song hit you where it hurts even more so than the studio version, and that goes for this performance as well.

Check it out:

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