The Igloo Bar: Legendary Minnesota Ice Fishing Spot Has A Full Bar Inside

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is the bridge that gets some outdoorsman through the winter.

In many areas in the north, everything freezes solid for the winter and hunting season is limited to predators or maybe trapping.

Waterbody’s freeze over and give the gift of being able to walk on their surfaces, making regular ol’ fishing out of the question.

However, this gives people the ability to search for winter honey holes in hopes of pulling a fish through the ice.

Ice fishing can be a very community minded event, with many folks setting up shacks close to one another and fishing for days on end going shack to shack to warm up and tell stories.

We’ve seen every kind of ice fishing shelter imaginable, whether it’s just a tent, a solid hut, a luxury ice fishing trailer on wheel, an old limousine, a hot tub… and everything in between.

And while cold beers are a necessity during the ice fishing season, I’ve never seen an ice fishing bar before…. until now.

This Minnesota ice fishing bar taps into all of that and brings people out on the ice for a cold beverage, a place to stay warm, and catch some fish. And you can even order a pizza to the location.

Dubbed the The Igloo Bar, this ice fishing paradise is located in Zippel Bay on Lake Of The Woods, a walleye haven situated on the Minnesota/Canada border. The ice fishing bar is a genius idea that attracts people from miles around.

Honestly, this idea seems so genius, I have to wonder why we don’t see more of them out there.

Here’s a little breakdown:

In this video, fisherman and YouTuber Alex Peric makes the trip out, talks to some locals who are properly into a good one, and drops a line in the water.

And he ends up catching some decent walleye.

This is a great idea and a place I would be willing to check out over the winter.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock