Rattlesnake Milk Puts A Modern Twist On A Western Sound That You Won’t Be Able To Get Enough Of

Rattlenskae milk country music

I have been addicted to these guys recently.

Meet Rattlesnake Milk.

This Texas-based group’s sound will make you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time but with a modern twist. Their old western plain sound with elements of alternative and Americana is the perfect ‘y’allternative’ sound.

I had seen clips of Rattlesnake here and there and always enjoyed it, but I really took a deep dive into them after they released their second studio album, Chicken Fried Snake.

This album builds on the distinct sound they established off their self-titled debut album.

One of my favorite videos of the group is their performance of “Eloise” from their debut album for Texas Tech’s Public Media YouTube series called ‘Sound On Tap’.

The ambiance of this studio sets the mood perfectly. It’s dark and mysterious and sets the tone for the sad song about the character of Eloise. And the band gives a hell of a live performance. The lead guitarist nails his complex riffs, and their lead man’s vocals sound nearly identical to the studio version.

They are fully jamming, and watching them all play together it’s so apparent how in tune they are with the music they create.

If you are into old western tunes but with a modern twist, Rattlesnake Milk is a group you’ll want to check out.

Here are some stellar tracks from their most recent album to give a listen too.

“Die Young”

“Holy Ghost”

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